Ha ha argh. At some point in mid-December my Borderlands 3 install started clipping the edges off the map UI (and only the map UI, everything else is the same). After a few weeks of filing a bug report, following up with screenshots and video, and sending them debug information, they've closed the issue because...

My computer doesn't meet their minimum system requirements, so they don't need to care.

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Younger son to Older son: Didn't you read Seussical last year?
OS: What? No.
YS: Something -icle.
OS: ... The Crucible?
YS: Same thing.

Why do we even have feet, anyway? I want hooves, or wheels, or to crawl through the world leaving a trail of slime.

This toot brought to you by a brand new and different pain in the foot I broke, it's not the previous plantar fascitis pain and it's not where the bone broke either, argh, everything is terrible.

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In tonight's game of DYING IN SPACE, my bald experimental donkey-heart recipient met his doom alongside a diplomatic hair model (@katre), a former pool-cleaner/current astrophysicist robot (@panicbear ) and a spider creature (@maenad) aboard the starship HAIR TODAY.

If WE can die in space, YOU can die in space:

From @signalstation: "You just have to create the entire morality of pool-cleaning robots on the spot, it's a very simple game."

Today is December 20th, I finally solved the second half of , so only 13 days late!



Spaceship weirdness RPG went well! Players met:
- Zero-G fish eating fungus off the wall
- Tiny hummingbirds with human hands
- Face-painted neo-savages with bows and arrows
- Several varieties of crazy AIs

And they're not even sure where or when they are!

Reading over "We're Dying In Space" as I prepare to run a space weirdness RPG tomorrow night. I don't plan for everyone to die _immediately_, but the tables will be really handy.

Thanks @maenad and @signalstation !

I have been talking to people at this conference all morning and now I just want to curl up in a ball with spikes like a hedgehog. Is this possible?

At the airport, flying to California for work.

This would be more fun if I wasn't finding out how it is to travel with a walking cast on my foot.

2) The four-year-old daughter of the house was telling me about their trip to France this summer. "And I had an ice cream cone, and it had macaroni on top, and more macaroni on the side!" I nodded with a bit of confusion, so her father leaned over and said, "She means 'macaroons'."

1) We arrived Wednesday night. Thursday, the doorbell rang and my younger son yelled, "The guests are here!" When I pointed out that we are guests, he said "No, this is our second home."

We are spending the holiday with my wife's cousin, which is always great. Two stories:

I took a month off work and today I am going back to the office. I have no idea what I even do anymore.

I have an extra bone in my foot. It is called an accessory bone, which sounds pretty neat.

I discovered this because I broke it at aikido yesterday.

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[redraft] I am doing a survey for a class on the affects of content warning prevalence on Mastodon. The survey takes a few minutes and should no longer require you to log in. If you could complete and retoot, that would be fantastic! The more responses the better.


Two uncomfortable psychological realizations in two days is too many. I clearly need to be _less_ introspective in the future.

Last night's nightmare that woke me up at 4am? I was late to aikido practice because of subway problems.

This morning's actuality? The bus never came, I'm on the subway, and I'm going to be late to aikido practice.

Tonight's dinner was brought to us by the letter "C":

And then I ruined it was onion and garlic and salt and paprika, but how can you cook without those?

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