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my sister messaged me saying “the food’s all gone but all the spices are still in the aisles…we know who’s panicking” and i have been launched into orbit


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*slaps roof of a meeting* this bad boy can fit so many bored adults in it

In case people haven't noticed, I am trying to toot more to try and overcome social isolation of being permanently WFH/homeschool teaching.

One of my favorite things about work is realizing that I just absent-mindedly kicked off about 15,000 tests and a) I'll have results in under an hour, and b) no one cares about how much that costs.

So far, during the morning my wife wrangles the kids (three, cause we also have my niece) and works intermittently, and in the afternoon it's my turn. This way we each get four productive hours and the kids get some semblance of an education.

I am hoping that after a week or so this will be easier. I have a sneaking suspicion that schools in NYC aren't re-opening this year.

Good: coffee shop was super efficient and started making my coffee as soon as I walked in.

Bad: Coffee shop was so efficient they'd rung me up and charged me before I realized I never told them I wanted a croissant. Now I have coffee but no croissant. :(

Went to aikido this morning. There were three of us there: me, the instructor, and the most senior student.

It was the longest hour of my life.

So last night my bandmate mentioned that his daughter is taking a class called "Latin Hustle", and I immediately replied, "So she's conjugating verbs in the park for a dollar each?"

I am so proud of that one I had to share it,

Aikido yesterday means I can barely move today. Also we had to change to daylight savings yesterday, so I am barely awake but these banana pancakes won't cook themselves.

Maybe if I get far enough ahead I can take a nap this afternoon.

Argh. I have three things that all need to happen at the same time tomorrow, and can't figure out a way to fix this. At this rate, I'm going to have to skip aikido, which I haven't been to for two weeks anyway, but my thing is the thing that can give.

Today's tasks:
- Teacher Conference at school. Should be low stress, good report card came home earlier this week
- Call plumber about the blocked drains. Ugh, drains. This will be low stress because my plumber is very good but high stress because ugh, drains.
- Figure out what to feed kids for dinner tonight. Kids like food.
- Maybe get some work done or something?

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when do you start worrying about recharging your phone/tablet/laptop?
(please boost because i'm curious) :)

Me: Everyone else in the house is comfortable, but I am wearing half a dozen layers of clothes and still shivering.

Me to me: Surely you don't have a fever.

Also also, this tea-like medicine tastes vile. What is this, the Polgara school of medical flavorings?

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Also, she reports that she has the same cold and has to deal with a four-day tech conference, so I think I probably should whine slightly less.

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I have a pretty rotten cold today. Normally when this happens I'd take a lot of medicine, go to bed, and sleep for about 48 hours.

Sadly, my wife is out of town this week and the kids aren't _quite_ self-sustaining yet, so I have to drag myself around and provide food for them.

I miss breathing.

People who reply to closed, years-old GitHub issues with only a stack trace and no actual details are the worst, right? We can all agree on this, I think.

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