I don't think I've been secretive about this, but a short announcement: this is the month of Ramadan, I am Muslim, and so I've been fasting during the day for the past twelve days (and expect to for the next eighteenish). So if I seem very excited about sunset, that's why!

@katre maybe tell us some more about your favourite Ramadan foods! What makes your day?

@dch Great idea!

I start off (at 3amish) with paratha and eggs, then go back to sleep. At sunset (8pm currently), I break my fast with a date, some lentils and ginger, whatever fruit I have handy, and usually homemade bread and apple butter. Dinner is pretty typical for us: rice, a protein dish (last night was curry chicken) and a vegetable side (last night was kale, yummy).

@dch In general I love fried foods to break my fast, but they're unhealthy so I try to be moderate. It's tricky, though!

@katre sounds delicious! I'm a big fan of dahl & rice, how do manage not over-eating when you break fast? does it help with other people doing it with you? I'd be starving.

@dch It's hard not to eat too much. I find when I am fasting that I get used to being hungry, so it's easier to stop eating, if that makes sense.

Having my family around does make it easier. It's kind of weird this year, usually we are always visiting friends and family to break fast together, but now we are socially isolating so it's not the same as most years.

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