In the last month I lost two members of my family, roadtripped across the country and back, and made countless masks.

if you need a cloth mask, hmu.

right before I left a dude I'd been sort of seeing for a long time debated stopping talking to me to go monogamous with this really toxic chick and I had to be like "we're friends so let me just say she sounds toxic." (between "I've known you two weeks so stop talking to this person and date me" and "I don't like oral but maybe if I'm drunk")

he drove me to NJ from NM and back 1 week later. Road trip took 3 weeks. Guess we're dating now, like for real.

I was sitting with him when my grandmother died and said something like "what am I going to do? make you drive me to St Louis to say goodbye?" and he said "I will" and we went "wait nevermind"

48 hrs later we were in line at Jo Ann's and I got the phone call that my dad died. So that was the "okay guess we're going to NJ now" moment.

My grandmother died because she was old, my dad died from a heart attack while doing yard work.


@maenad That's an awful month. I'm glad to hear you have someone on your side through it all, at least.

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