Today is Hide-Under-The-Pillows Day here in the US. To further that goal, I'm going to try and be more on masto, less on birdsite.

Also in today's goals: I am finally going to turn a pumpkin into pie.

@katre !! Ooh! A worthy endeavour.

Pumpkin pie is amazing. Never made it with more than a can of pureed pumpkin though (pumpkin pie isn't a thing here, and pumpkins for cooking can be hard to come by. I only know about it because my mum is from the US.)

@vicorva I have always before used canned pumpkin (which is how my mother taught me to make it), but the farm share gave me a small pumpkin, so...

Oooh, and I can also roast the seeds! Roasted pumpkin seeds are an excellent snack and salt delivery system.

@katre I had roasted pumpkin seeds when I was a kid! They are indeed lovely. Shame you probably won't have enough for a soup as well (pumpkin soup is sooo good)

Good luck with your pumpkin culinary adventure!

@katre @vicorva I've made pie from whole pumpkin before. It's not better than making it from canned pumpkin, but it's also not much harder. You can also use pretty much any winter squash as a substitute! So if your farm share gives you acorn squash or something, keep that in mind as a possibility.

@katre How many hitpoints do you need to solo a pumpkin

@natecull It's got a high AC but low dps (I only cut myself once), so as long as you have the stamina to wear it down you'll be fine.

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