Went camping this weekend, on Fire Island, which is a barrier dune island just south of Long Island, in the Atlantic.

Gorgeous. Windy. Hot in the sun and cold in the clouds. And mosquitoes big enough to pick up and carry away a small child.

It was wonderful.

Selfie, maybe eye contact 

This is going to be me, all summer long.

To celebrate the end of the year, we ordered a special cake for the boys. I present, the Cauldron Cake: chocolate cake with candy all over, to look like a witch's cauldron.

I was at my mother-in-law's, fixing their wifi, when she asked me if I'd like some tea. Of cours I said yes, so she brought out this tray. "Just a few leftovers!" she said.

Baking, pictures of food 

I need to stop baking while I'm fasting. The fact that I can't eat these donuts for another 6 hours is very sad.

Pictures of food 

Mmm, Japanese-style chicken curry, you smell so delicious and yet it is still over an hour until sunset.

Photos of home baking 

The sourdough loaf rose! Hooray!

Also I have sour cherry pie. It is a good day.

My hair is now purple for my birthday! I have been wanting this for years so I am happy we made it happen.

Three-burner dinner: spinach chicken, mabodofu, and okra dhal (from top, moving clockwise).

Upside of traveling for family funerals: I get to wake up near the beach and listen to the waves.