Looking at this sign, I assume they sell coffee, and beat cheese, which is to say cheese made from bear milk. Which sounds disgusting.

Also, new profile pic! Now if we ever should meet, people won't expect such a wildman.

Today is my birthday and my family made my dreams come true.

I now have a stand mixer.

It's sourdough pretzel time! Or it will be in an hour when they've finished rising, anyway.

Bad food 

I think maybe my boba packets aren't good anymore. I kind of want to open them but I can also imagine the smell and don't want to know if I'm right.

Thanksgiving carnivory 

Thanksgiving! I've been cooking all morning, hopefully it will be worth it.

Thanksgiving food, non-vegan 

The completed 24-hoir salad!

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Thanksgiving food, non-vegan 

Since I sort of promised @vicorva on birdsite: no pie yet today, but I am making 24-hour salad for tomorrow. What is that, you ask? A family tradition, that's what.

You take grapes, and pineapple chunks, and marshmallows, and then add in whipped cream and custard and chill it over night.

So, no, it's not actually a salad at all. And it's not healthy. But pooh is it tasty and I always make it for Thanksgiving.

Went camping this weekend, on Fire Island, which is a barrier dune island just south of Long Island, in the Atlantic.

Gorgeous. Windy. Hot in the sun and cold in the clouds. And mosquitoes big enough to pick up and carry away a small child.

It was wonderful.

Selfie, maybe eye contact 

This is going to be me, all summer long.

To celebrate the end of the year, we ordered a special cake for the boys. I present, the Cauldron Cake: chocolate cake with candy all over, to look like a witch's cauldron.

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