Ha ha argh. At some point in mid-December my Borderlands 3 install started clipping the edges off the map UI (and only the map UI, everything else is the same). After a few weeks of filing a bug report, following up with screenshots and video, and sending them debug information, they've closed the issue because...

My computer doesn't meet their minimum system requirements, so they don't need to care.

@signalstation I had my headphones on, so when I walked through the dusty crossroads and the old gentleman approached me, I shook my head no and kept going.

It wasn't until later that I realized he'd had horns, a red tail, and a pitchfork.

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@aparrish I have a free hour on Thursday so I'll try to swing by. Sounds neat!

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@brown121407 Do they both have SSDs or any other differences in storage? The extra memory may be related to extra caching of file data.

@maenad I can't honestly tell if that's better it worse.

@maenad Congrats on leases and .... I'm not sure if creepy landlord is congrat-worthy or not

Younger son to Older son: Didn't you read Seussical last year?
OS: What? No.
YS: Something -icle.
OS: ... The Crucible?
YS: Same thing.

@maenad You run a pretty great online game about space and the dying thereof.

Why do we even have feet, anyway? I want hooves, or wheels, or to crawl through the world leaving a trail of slime.

This toot brought to you by a brand new and different pain in the foot I broke, it's not the previous plantar fascitis pain and it's not where the bone broke either, argh, everything is terrible.

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In tonight's game of DYING IN SPACE, my bald experimental donkey-heart recipient met his doom alongside a diplomatic hair model (@katre), a former pool-cleaner/current astrophysicist robot (@panicbear ) and a spider creature (@maenad) aboard the starship HAIR TODAY.

If WE can die in space, YOU can die in space:

From @signalstation: "You just have to create the entire morality of pool-cleaning robots on the spot, it's a very simple game."

@maenad I'd love to get in on some Dying in Space, what's your usual setup for online games? Also what times of day do you run, I tend to be tightly scheduled.

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