In further aikido news, my sensei told me to start wearing a hakama. Last month I would have told you the people with hakama are the senior students, but I still don't feel very senior...

Back to morning , hooray.

Ow ow ow my shoulders are sore.

Eid Mubarak to anyone else celebrating today!

@aparrish I have a conflict that night but thanks for the heads-up. Please keep letting us know about these sorts of things.

Ramadan mubarak to everyone joining me in fasting today!

@vicorva @wyrddrgn Whenever my party gets to a new city, we start asking about the markets and such until the GM smiles and says, "Okay, time for the shopping montage!"

I am going to have to change my schedule next week when Ramadan starts and I am fasting, so it was good to practice with the morning crew today.

Despite high levels of "I don't wanna", I did go to aikido this morning, it was a good class, and I am happy I went. Also, I didn't stain anyone purple this time!

Walked into the kitchen at work, spot two boxes of leftover donuts.... Oooh!

Sadly they were already empty. 😢

@xgess What do I need to do to get added to Keybase? It's a single-user mastodon instance that @mastohost runs for me (among the many instances they run for other users).

Just copied both "Books and Bone" and "WITCHES TOWN" to my kindle. Hooray to have lots to read from my masto friends @vicorva and @signalstation !

Anyway, it was a good lesson to remind me to get over my anxiety: it's my dojo too, and my friends there are happy that I practice with them.

I nervously offered to replace his gi. He just laughed and said he'd throw me harder next time we practice. Joke's on him, though: he always throws hard anyway.

Except at aikido this morning I dripped purple sweat all over the mat, and stained both my own and the uchideshi's gis. That's bad!

I am still in love with my new hair color. That's good!

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