I slept terribly last night and now I am about to fall asleep on my desk at work.

It's amazing how many of these little complaints I normally send to my wife, but she's in the wrong timezone for that this week, so you Mastodonites will just have to pick up the slack.

@Wsteria I frequently come back from Aikido and just collapse on the living room floor until my wife yells at me and I go to bed.

Spent all night dreaming about a coding problem for work. Does my subconscious not understand the concept of "weekend"?

Misandry levels: high and rising.

Doc katre prescribes practicing bass and playing video games.

Today: Everyone is scheduling meetings to ask me when the Feature will be ready so I have no time to work on the Feature.

Sensei gave me a compliment after practice this morning.

Is this.... Happiness?

Lint rolling ng my son before school: yet another thing I wasn't aware would become part of the job when I became a parent.

School is closed (wtf, NYC?), so I am home with them today.

Work output: probably gonna be low.

Scratch demos that only kinda work: probably gonna be a lot.

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After a sickness break, back to the dojo twice in two days. Not sure I can lift my arms over my head today.

@ELJ1 So what you are saying here is that every robber band has a sacrificial smoker who finds gold now, and whose lungs will be removed after death.

Finished morning aikido: I have never come so close to just collapsing on the mat.

On my way to early morning Aikido practice. I get through this by reminding myself that, while I don't want to be up this early to go exercise, once it's done I will enjoy the results.

Today is not actually my new year, but why miss an excuse to make and eat dumplings?

It is nice to work in an office where I can say "dumpling emergency!" as I leave early, and my colleagues not only are very understanding, they are also suggesting where I should go to buy new bamboo steamers.

@vicorva I can't play Skyrim anymore without Frostfall (makes the cold a serious problem, instead of just cosmetic) and Live Another Life (new ways to start the game instead of at Helgen).

SkyUI was also great when I could use it.

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