@signalstation Funnily, my house is now cleaner than it's been in months, simply because I have to stay here all the time and look at it.

@wsteria I do not have your blog address and would appreciate reading it. No Facebook so I can't do that, unfortunately.

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@maenad Social distancing! Minimize time at the laundromat.

Books I'll reread over and over again 

@wsteria That is a totally rational thing to do. Rest and recover, friend.

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my sister messaged me saying “the food’s all gone but all the spices are still in the aisles…we know who’s panicking” and i have been launched into orbit


COVID, Black Humor 

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*slaps roof of a meeting* this bad boy can fit so many bored adults in it

In case people haven't noticed, I am trying to toot more to try and overcome social isolation of being permanently WFH/homeschool teaching.

One of my favorite things about work is realizing that I just absent-mindedly kicked off about 15,000 tests and a) I'll have results in under an hour, and b) no one cares about how much that costs.

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So far, during the morning my wife wrangles the kids (three, cause we also have my niece) and works intermittently, and in the afternoon it's my turn. This way we each get four productive hours and the kids get some semblance of an education.

I am hoping that after a week or so this will be easier. I have a sneaking suspicion that schools in NYC aren't re-opening this year.

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