Anti-trans, anti-abortion, bad now covid too 

@compostablespork Not quite the same, but my favorite local restaurant doesn't enforce masks for staff or customers, so I haven't eaten there since last February. It sucks and I miss it, but the boycott is the only lever I have left.

@vicorva Oldest was given Klask, which is a sort of magnetic air hockey game, and was pretty fun. Aside from that we brought out Tales of the Arabian Nights, always a family favorite.

Yesterday was Oldest Son's birthday. Today is Younger Son's birthday.

Go many board games. So much cake.

What a great weekend!

Wyste's networking anxiety, part 2/??? 

@wsteria Nah, that's totally fine, I say go for it.

Now, when I sent my six-year-old nibling birthday greetings a day late... whoops!

@wsteria The Watch books are my favorite. Followed by the Witches, I think.

@wsteria Thank you! I slept about 10 hours and feel much better this morning. Hope you are also better.

@wsteria I think I'm sick? I feel awful, took an accidental nap from 5-8 and can't fall back asleep now.

Go sleep if you can. Feel better!

Bad food 

I think maybe my boba packets aren't good anymore. I kind of want to open them but I can also imagine the smell and don't want to know if I'm right.

re: Uspol, schools 

@wsteria I'm going to have to, but it'll turn into "well they both were heated but she's a teacher" and they'll support the teacher. *sigh*

Uspol, schools 

Argh my kid is arguing with his teacher about the riots at the Capitol.

Yes, kid, I'm glad you've listened to and absorbed my politics, and I'm sorry that your teacher is a magat, but I think we need to work more on power differentials and survival skills.

Family health - covid concerns 

@compostablespork That sounds really scary. Good luck and I hope it turns out okay.

@maxeddy How does it compare to the Kindle? I've been using the Paperwhite for a long time now and considering an replacement.

So this morning I took my work laptop, went down to my office, started it up, and got ready for my first day back at work for a week and a half. I even had a joke ready to deploy about not wanting to work.

Then I checked my calendar and saw that today is still a holiday and I don't have to work until tomorrow. I am feeling kind of deflated now.

if you support me on ko-fi 

@vicorva I don't have any problem with you sharing everything on Ko-Fi publicly.

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