@platypus I have always wondered: when the workers at the Giant Inflatable Rat Factory go on strike, do they use a Scabby, or do they need to get a Giant Inflatable Snake or something?

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Dear mutuals who are on Mastodon.social:

Please, find a better instance. You wonderful few individuals are the only reason I haven't defedded from M.S due to its apparent lack of moderation.

I probably will be doing that anyway, I just don't know when I'll reach the "one straw too many" point.

Good news, I figured how to put most of the work of this release back on the users who are requesting changes, rather than doing everything myself.

My week just got a bit less stressful.

Ugh, everything is happening at once. Work has gone crazy in two different dimensions, kidlet is in summer camp that takes 45 minutes to get to on transit (so that's 1.5 hours morning and again in afternoon each day), and partner is having a virtual conference during her last week at this job so is also completely swamped.

Maybe I can nap next week.


@vicorva I now feel both worse and better about the fact that I haven't yet managed to read the docs on Kin that you sent me.

Sorry, it really is on my to-do list!

Further calamity! I boiled the tea, _then_ discovered that the ice trays in the freezer haven't actually frozen, so there's no ice to cool off my tea.

Truly I am living in the worst timeline.

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@wsteria One of the few downsides of a north-facing house in Brooklyn. :)

@wsteria Sun tea is what we used to make when I was a kid, I really miss it. Sadly my home here doesn't have a good place to put the jar for a few hours.

Problem: I want iced tea and don't have any.
Solution: I can make iced tea.
Problem: it's too hot and I don't want to turn on the stove.
Solution: turn on the stove to boil water, run away very fast.

total dear diary: found my keys 

@signalstation Welcome back!

@vicorva Also very tempted. Sadly my kids are done with school and home all day, so if I tried to play videogames I'd be called out.

Back to the code mines for me!

@vicorva I cana't imagine any of them as swimsuit people. More like stand on the beach wearing all black complaining about the heat types.

@Canageek @WizardOfDocs I showed this to my wife and said, "See! It's not just us!"

I dearly love those Foxes.

Oh yeah, I should tell y'all _what_ book kept me up til 3 am.

I was reading _The Fall of Doc Future_ (docfuture.tumblr.com/post/8236), which is pretty great near-future posthuman superhero end-of-the-world stuff.

There's a lot more talking than punching, and the (not graphic, but frequent) sex scenes tell me a *lot* about the author's kinks, but it was great and I am going to try real hard to avoid staying up til 3am again with the sequel (also online).

At the time, finishing that book seemed like the best possible idea.

Now that it's morning and I only had three hours of sleep, I am not so sure I agree.

gender thoughts 

Also, trans rights are human rights, pass it on.

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gender thoughts 

There it is. I'm the boringest thing in the world: a straight, cis, white man. But at least I'm a straight, cis, white man who has actually considered, and not just accepted the defaults I was given by society.

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gender thoughts 

And I'm also straight. There are men out there that I can recognize as attractive, but it's a purely asthetic thing, and I don't want to smooch them in the way I want to smooch women.

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gender thoughts 

The results are actually totally boring. I'm a man. I like being a man. I am really comfortable in my masculinity (although I try to notice and avoid toxic masculinity, because being a man doesn't mean anyone who isn't is less than me).

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