@vicorva Thanks for opening up and sharing this. I tend to think of you as V, but if there's something else you want to try out I'm game.

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Describing git as "a thin wrapper around scp and diff" just to annoy people

@natecull At my workplace, regular performance reviews put you into one of five buckets. The next-to-bottom bucket is "Meets Expectations".

So, yes, your theory tracks.

Today I passed the test of the gom jabbar: I didn't bite the dental hygienist's fingers, not even once.

@embr I solve this by running the ShadowRun setting but using Savage Worlds mechanics, so it's much less mechanically difficult and we can do all the fun RP my players want.

Check out Sprawl Runners it's an SR-like setting book for Savage Worlds, if you're interested.

I need coffee before I go deal with my basement.

Mmm, flash flood emergency, which means my basement is now flooding. I just went and moved what I could to high ground, tomorrow will be a lot of cleaning. Again.

negative brain spiral 

@vicorva Thanks, I appreciate it.

I did finally buckle down and submit something, I'm sure my manager will come back later with requests for edits, but at least I got it done.

@platypus I have heard machines of this era referred to as "luggables" and I've always thought that made sense.

negative brain spiral 

I was reminded this morning that self-assessments are due at work today.

So I am now assessing myself.

Which reminds me how little I feel I've accomplished in the last six months.

Which leads me to avoidantly _not_ doing my self-assessment.

Except it's due tonight so I feel worse about not working on it.

So now I am in a negative brain spiral and tooting at y'all to try and get myself back on track.

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AND I get to hire a software curation specialist at NYU as a part of this work! Taking applications now: apply.interfolio.com/91696

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@programwitch I must not be a human, I have two guesses and I'm not sure which is right.

I bet a chess solver could figure it out, though.

@platypus I have always wondered: when the workers at the Giant Inflatable Rat Factory go on strike, do they use a Scabby, or do they need to get a Giant Inflatable Snake or something?

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Dear mutuals who are on Mastodon.social:

Please, find a better instance. You wonderful few individuals are the only reason I haven't defedded from M.S due to its apparent lack of moderation.

I probably will be doing that anyway, I just don't know when I'll reach the "one straw too many" point.

Good news, I figured how to put most of the work of this release back on the users who are requesting changes, rather than doing everything myself.

My week just got a bit less stressful.

Ugh, everything is happening at once. Work has gone crazy in two different dimensions, kidlet is in summer camp that takes 45 minutes to get to on transit (so that's 1.5 hours morning and again in afternoon each day), and partner is having a virtual conference during her last week at this job so is also completely swamped.

Maybe I can nap next week.

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