Just woke up from a dream about my sister. I was holding her and we all sang Happy Birthday. I hugged her and thought that I wasn't going to see her again for a while.

My sister passed away 20 years ago. I'm sitting here crying because I miss her and smiling because I got to hug her again.

If any of my toot friends are also celebrating, !

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Today's exercise tally: aikido, 1 hour. Bicycling, 1 hour. Heavy air conditioner carried from the basement to the second floor: 1. Heavy table carried from the house to the trash: 1.

Time for a nap.

@codesections I love my Carbon X1. Pricy, but the hardware is great, and it's so light it's never a question of "Do I carry this with me?"

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@joshg The correct option was "Looks grouchy, but it works". For some reason you left that one off.

I, of course, have no room to talk, since I am not actually a fur-hatted giant-bearded Russian.

I have been on this business trip for too long now and my mind is slowly leaking out of my ears and I still have a day of meetings left.

I'd ask you all to send me some spare sanity but it's too late for me, save yourselves.

@Xjs I note that 27 needs 3 to become a multiple of 10, so I take the three from 48 and add it to 27:
27 + 48 -> 27 +3 + 45 -> 30 + 45

30 plus 45 is easy enough to do in one step. If it was more complicated I might repeat with, say, multiples of 25, 50, or 100.

30 + 45 -> 75

Currently on Day 3 of my Europe Jetlag Cycle. Day 1 I have just arrived, am exhausted, and sleep 12 hours (usually 9 pm to 9 am). Day 2 I am rested and have insomnia. And Day 3 I sleep well but wake up before 6 local time.

The cycle ends the day before I go home, and then I have another week re-adjusting.

Hooray for hotels that give you a room when you arrive at 9am and just want them to hold your suitcase. Time for a nap.

At the airport, about to fly to Germany. Soon I will be tooting from a more easterly time zone! That's probably the only noticable difference.

In further aikido news, my sensei told me to start wearing a hakama. Last month I would have told you the people with hakama are the senior students, but I still don't feel very senior...

Back to morning , hooray.

Ow ow ow my shoulders are sore.

Eid Mubarak to anyone else celebrating today!

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