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Also, it is surprisingly difficult to cook without bending my left thumb.

Good news: seminar today!

Bad news: I jammed my left thumb pretty good, and now I can't bend it very much.

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Three-burner dinner: spinach chicken, mabodofu, and okra dhal (from top, moving clockwise).

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Upside of traveling for family funerals: I get to wake up near the beach and listen to the waves.

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It is too early to be heading to the airport. Also insert the standard rant here about only seeing the extended family at funerals.

The local package shipping place can't open because someone lost the keys, so now I am sitting in my local coffeeshop with a giant pile of boxes while I triage the weekend's email and wait for their locksmith.

I am off to see the Dead Milkmen tonight. It's like I'm back in high school again, except in high school I never got to go to punk shows.

Hi! This is my new instance, my old account was @katre.