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Just copied both "Books and Bone" and "WITCHES TOWN" to my kindle. Hooray to have lots to read from my masto friends @vicorva and @signalstation !

Anyway, it was a good lesson to remind me to get over my anxiety: it's my dojo too, and my friends there are happy that I practice with them.

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I nervously offered to replace his gi. He just laughed and said he'd throw me harder next time we practice. Joke's on him, though: he always throws hard anyway.

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Except at aikido this morning I dripped purple sweat all over the mat, and stained both my own and the uchideshi's gis. That's bad!

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I am still in love with my new hair color. That's good!

My hair is now purple for my birthday! I have been wanting this for years so I am happy we made it happen.

Based on observations at my office today, this is the best ever chance for some shadowrunners to try and infiltrate for a datasteal: the office is nominally fully open yet no one is actually here.

I'm still on Masto, just been insanely busy the past few weeks.

I slept terribly last night and now I am about to fall asleep on my desk at work.

It's amazing how many of these little complaints I normally send to my wife, but she's in the wrong timezone for that this week, so you Mastodonites will just have to pick up the slack.

Spent all night dreaming about a coding problem for work. Does my subconscious not understand the concept of "weekend"?

Misandry levels: high and rising.

Doc katre prescribes practicing bass and playing video games.

Today: Everyone is scheduling meetings to ask me when the Feature will be ready so I have no time to work on the Feature.

Sensei gave me a compliment after practice this morning.

Is this.... Happiness?

Lint rolling ng my son before school: yet another thing I wasn't aware would become part of the job when I became a parent.

School is closed (wtf, NYC?), so I am home with them today.

Work output: probably gonna be low.

Scratch demos that only kinda work: probably gonna be a lot.

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After a sickness break, back to the dojo twice in two days. Not sure I can lift my arms over my head today.

Finished morning aikido: I have never come so close to just collapsing on the mat.

On my way to early morning Aikido practice. I get through this by reminding myself that, while I don't want to be up this early to go exercise, once it's done I will enjoy the results.

Today is not actually my new year, but why miss an excuse to make and eat dumplings?

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