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2) The four-year-old daughter of the house was telling me about their trip to France this summer. "And I had an ice cream cone, and it had macaroni on top, and more macaroni on the side!" I nodded with a bit of confusion, so her father leaned over and said, "She means 'macaroons'."

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1) We arrived Wednesday night. Thursday, the doorbell rang and my younger son yelled, "The guests are here!" When I pointed out that we are guests, he said "No, this is our second home."

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We are spending the holiday with my wife's cousin, which is always great. Two stories:

I took a month off work and today I am going back to the office. I have no idea what I even do anymore.

I have an extra bone in my foot. It is called an accessory bone, which sounds pretty neat.

I discovered this because I broke it at aikido yesterday.

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[redraft] I am doing a survey for a class on the affects of content warning prevalence on Mastodon. The survey takes a few minutes and should no longer require you to log in. If you could complete and retoot, that would be fantastic! The more responses the better.

Two uncomfortable psychological realizations in two days is too many. I clearly need to be _less_ introspective in the future.

Last night's nightmare that woke me up at 4am? I was late to aikido practice because of subway problems.

This morning's actuality? The bus never came, I'm on the subway, and I'm going to be late to aikido practice.

Tonight's dinner was brought to us by the letter "C":

And then I ruined it was onion and garlic and salt and paprika, but how can you cook without those?

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"You wouldn't happen to be the famous android bounty hunter, Arrivederci Jackknife, would you?" The cyborg's sizzling red eye glared at the mysterious stranger across the vantablackjack table, who pounded back another shot of synthwhiskey in reply.

"Maybe I am," he growled. "Depends on if you want to stay quiet and walk out of here alive, or if you want to get perforated with 837 rounds of EMP-tipped nano-lead."

Outside the rain fell like contraband diamonds from God's 3D printer in the sky.

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Just woke up from a dream about my sister. I was holding her and we all sang Happy Birthday. I hugged her and thought that I wasn't going to see her again for a while.

My sister passed away 20 years ago. I'm sitting here crying because I miss her and smiling because I got to hug her again.

If any of my toot friends are also celebrating, !

complaining about the office 

Today's exercise tally: aikido, 1 hour. Bicycling, 1 hour. Heavy air conditioner carried from the basement to the second floor: 1. Heavy table carried from the house to the trash: 1.

Time for a nap.

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I have been on this business trip for too long now and my mind is slowly leaking out of my ears and I still have a day of meetings left.

I'd ask you all to send me some spare sanity but it's too late for me, save yourselves.

Currently on Day 3 of my Europe Jetlag Cycle. Day 1 I have just arrived, am exhausted, and sleep 12 hours (usually 9 pm to 9 am). Day 2 I am rested and have insomnia. And Day 3 I sleep well but wake up before 6 local time.

The cycle ends the day before I go home, and then I have another week re-adjusting.

Hooray for hotels that give you a room when you arrive at 9am and just want them to hold your suitcase. Time for a nap.

At the airport, about to fly to Germany. Soon I will be tooting from a more easterly time zone! That's probably the only noticable difference.

In further aikido news, my sensei told me to start wearing a hakama. Last month I would have told you the people with hakama are the senior students, but I still don't feel very senior...

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