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Today's sourdough is the best yet. It rose! It's not dense as a rock! The crust is actually tasty!

I apparently have a low bar to clear, here.

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Have you seen fire flies in real life?
please boost. :)

Baking bread and fasting aren't mutually exclusive, but the one does make the other harder.

But iftar this evening will be great.

The second best decision I made tonight was to make a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and eat it raw.

The best decision I made was to stick half in the freezer for later, because if it was still here I'd be eating it, too.

Ramadan Mubarak to all of my fellow believers. It's a strange time to be fasting, but it's the right time to remember that we can all do something to help the people less fortunate than we are.

Made my weekly cup of coffee this morning. I'm about to cry because of how good it is.

I also drink tea, so that's my caffeine most days, but there's just something wonderful about a cup of coffee.

Photos of home baking 

The sourdough loaf rose! Hooray!

Also I have sour cherry pie. It is a good day.

I'm taking the day off work to celebrate my birthday today. Can't go anywhere, of course, but maybe I'll play videogames or read or something and try to just relax a bit.

Oh, and bake. Definitely gotta bake.

Today I baked fruit turnovers (from puff pastry) and sourdough biscuits. The biscuits were so good my family all wanted me to make more for an afternoon snack :)

Now I need to find a recipe for the rest of the puff pastry. Anyone have any favorites?

It's a slippery slope to full hipsterdom.

I'm making a sourdough starter.

On a video conference with my band (since we can't play in person anymore).

One of my bandmates has over 400 unread messages in his inbox, and I'm not sure I can still work with him.

Last night's dream: my boss had assigned me a test to take. Everytime I flipped a page, the questions changed, although the answers were all in my own handwriting.

I think my brain is saying I've spent too much time receently helping keep the kids focused on schoolwork. :shrug:

Social isolation, humor 

If it lasts longer than that, we may even be forced to drink the company tea, but that's too drastic to even contemplate, really.

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Social isolation, humor 

Day 26: Tea supplies are running low. If we aren't resupplied soon, we may be forced, out of necessity, to stop drinking the good tea and get out the stuff from the back of the cabinet.

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my sister messaged me saying “the food’s all gone but all the spices are still in the aisles…we know who’s panicking” and i have been launched into orbit


I'm starting to get a little buggy. Last time I actually left the house was Sunday, since then it's been working-from-home or schoolteaching-from-home, with breaks to clean the home or cook food for my family.

I know a lot of people have it worse (I'm still getting paid! I have a spouse to help wrangle everything!) but I need to figure out a way to get some downtime before I start climbing the walls.

COVID, Black Humor 

I guess the upside to staying home with my family is that my commute is an hour shorter, so I get to sleep an hour later.

Of course, I've been combatting this by going to sleep an hour later.


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