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To celebrate the end of the year, we ordered a special cake for the boys. I present, the Cauldron Cake: chocolate cake with candy all over, to look like a witch's cauldron.

Not one but two online graduations today (5th grade and 8th grade, both my sons are moving to new schools in the fall).

I'm not getting any actual work done, am I?

Today's baking 

Strawberry pancakes, sourdough chocolate chip cookies, and I'm halfway through Hokkaido-style milk bread. Another hour of rising and then baking and we'll see if it's actually as good as the real thing.

It's getting too hot to bake all Sunday, and yet the sourdough still needs to be fed weekly. What am I going to do until October?

So. Much. Baking.

But now I have fresh bread and lemon meringue pie and chicken and potatoes and bok choy for dinner and I want to fall over instead of eat any of it.

Good news! My fancy vacuum cleaner is working again.

Bad news! The process of disassembling it to fix it left huge dust piles all over.

Good news! My fancy vacuum cleaner is working again.

Today so far: picked up vegetables from the CSA, trimmed my father-in-law's hair, went to the hardware store, worked in the garden, worked on the kids' she'd, baked biscuits, cooked dinner, prepped tomorrow's sourdough pancakes.

Today next: run an RPG online for my wife and friends, eat dinner with family, sleep like the dead.

Today sensei ran an online conditioning class. I am so happily tired now, it was nice to put my gi on and sweat a bit.

I miss so much. I can't wait until I can go back to my dojo.

Four day weekend was wonderful, but now today I realize I have no idea what I was working on last Thursday and I'm not sure what to re-start.

I was at my mother-in-law's, fixing their wifi, when she asked me if I'd like some tea. Of cours I said yes, so she brought out this tray. "Just a few leftovers!" she said.

This year, we'll pray at home, eat at home, and call all the family members by phone. Not the same, and not nearly as fun, but it will still be a holiday and a celebration.

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Normally, we'd go to the mosque tomorrow morning, say prayers with a few hundred other people, and spend the day visiting family. Of course every household will have cooked and will insist you eat a full meal, so any weight you lost while fasting comes right back. :)

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Today is the last day of ! Woke up the whole family for pre-dawn breakfast (most days it's just been me and Eldest Son), and now there's only 11 hours until sunset and the start of Eid ul-Fitr, the Feast of Celebration.

Baking, pictures of food 

I need to stop baking while I'm fasting. The fact that I can't eat these donuts for another 6 hours is very sad.

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I've edited up my first stream!

I start with a bonus chest in a world with no trees.

It's the start of what has become quite a big project. It has chill music that makes everything I say sound poignant 😂​

Would appreciate boosts if you feel like you can!

My actual children are upset about my sourdough starter. So what if I named it (Elmer), if I call it "my microbiotic son", and if I actually make sure it eats every day, huh?

I don't think I've been secretive about this, but a short announcement: this is the month of Ramadan, I am Muslim, and so I've been fasting during the day for the past twelve days (and expect to for the next eighteenish). So if I seem very excited about sunset, that's why!

Pictures of food 

Mmm, Japanese-style chicken curry, you smell so delicious and yet it is still over an hour until sunset.

Today's sourdough is the best yet. It rose! It's not dense as a rock! The crust is actually tasty!

I apparently have a low bar to clear, here.

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