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Went camping this weekend, on Fire Island, which is a barrier dune island just south of Long Island, in the Atlantic.

Gorgeous. Windy. Hot in the sun and cold in the clouds. And mosquitoes big enough to pick up and carry away a small child.

It was wonderful.

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I've got a Kickstarter launching tomorrow with some friends. We're going to compile 9 different RPG scenarios for Trophy Dark and socks are gonna be rocked.

Grave robbing! Crawling through a desert looking for angelic gold! Riding an interstellar drag racer to your doom! Lich kings vying to extend their lives in a doomed ziggurat! Wow!

You can sign up to be reminded when we launch tomorrow:

Went to weapons practice tonight, and it was the first time with bokken in... Five months? And I didn't suck entirely? And managed to teach a few things to someone?

My head is spinning, I'm not used to feeling competent. Luckily I am sure it will pass soon. :)

My son just looked at a ten-year-ago photo of the family, turned to me, and said, "Wow, you looked like a circus ringmaster." Then he walked off.

That's my morning, how is yours?

Somehow hurt my back this weekend. Yesterday I thought it was just sorry and worked, until the evening when the pain was so bad I couldn't move.

So today I will take the day off and lie flat all day.

Stupid bodies.

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Some friends and I have a website up where one might purchase /actual physical copies/ of our RPG projects.

Candlelight: play a post-TPK party wandering as spirits, trying to maintain their humanity

Devil, Aim For Me: hunt a bank robber in a haunted Weird West setting and find your doom

So You've Been Tossed Down a Well: get back from out of that well

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So if you didn't back my kickstarter, you may not know that I've published my game Climbing the Witch's Tower.

If you want spookiness and dark fairytale and tarot... check it out

My wife turns to me and asks, "Why are you crying?"

Apparently the answer "The Nine Inch Nails album The Fragile is so beautiful it makes me cry" is not an expected answer.

(Specifically, the first half of the album is the best, and double specifically the song The Great Below, but the song wouldn't be as good without the rest of the album to build up to it)

This morning: biked to weapons practice (yay), practiced jyo forms for an hour (yay), got a ticket for riding my bike through a red light (argh).

Me being me, I am much more focused on the argh than the yays, so I am trying to remind myself to focus on the good parts.

The problem with an early-afternoon bike ride is that now I want a mid-afternoon nap.

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*slaps roof of Tennessee* this bad boy can fit so many Nashvilles in it

I finally wrote the thing for work that I have been procrastinating for a week on. I managed to bang it out in about 45 minutes and it's not terrible.

Someday I will figure out how not to do this to myself. I am guessing this won't be that day.

Check out this talk about information security, through the lens of the Harry Potter series:

The speakers are 14 and 11, and pretty amazing!

Took my oldest son to aikido weapons practice this morning. He was very nervous at the start, but afterwards said he'd had a great time and wants to keep going, so hooray! More aikidoka!

Stayed up too late last night, far too sleepy this morning. Luckily there is coffee and ice in the house, I just needed to figure out how to combine them.

I don't think the number of things I've accomplished today matches how tired I feel.

Took my son to the park to meet his friend. Of course 20 minutes after we arrive, it starts to rain.

Gonna be a cold bike ride home.

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I wrote a book!

πŸ’€ πŸ‘» πŸ“š ✨ πŸ–€

If you love D&D and traditional fantasy with a twist, you might well enjoy BOOKS & BONE!

-scholars and libraries!
-black magic!
-zombie friends!
-evil necromancers but ... friendly?
-ace romance!

Follow Ree, necromancer town archivist, as she attempts to keep her family and neighbours from killing a foppish, arrogant, and amiable historian from the world beyond the crypt.

Sample and buy links:

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