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My birthday was during Ramadan this year, so I didn't get a cake then.

I've decided that even if it's a few weeks late, I deserve a birthday cake, so that's today's baking.

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Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

In other non-annoyed-by-work news, we are eating a lot more yogurt because of Ramadan so I have set up the double boiler and I am heating milk to make more.

I am so glad my wife learned to make our own yogurt because it is very tasty and also very cost-effective.

In a work conversation this morning (starting early because I am annoyed), I was about to use the idiom "jump the gun", then realized I wasn't sure it was familiar enough to my non-English-native colleagues.

Anyone have any advice or reading I can do? I'm trying to be more inclusive, although all of my colleagues have excellent English I don't want to accidentally cause confusion.

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Also this place by itself is not better than twitter. It's the communities taking care of each other and treating people like people.

With each growth this is a test whether the communities are resilient enough to take care of newcomers.

So be excellent to each other, stick to your CoCs and let's weed out attention seekers and capitalism.

Looking at this sign, I assume they sell coffee, and beat cheese, which is to say cheese made from bear milk. Which sounds disgusting.

There are several problems with baking cookies during :

1. The house smells delicious, but it's three and a half hours until sunset so I can't eat the cookies.
2. I have a pile of cookies, but it's three and a half hours until sunset.
3. I can't eat batter right out of the bowl!

Today is the second day of fasting for Ramadan. To everyone else who is observing, !

Also, new profile pic! Now if we ever should meet, people won't expect such a wildman.

I am going into my office today for the first time since November. I'm a real worker!

I probably won't go back for another fre months, they're starting construction next week.

Book rec time! I just finished reading _Legends & Lattes_. by Travis Baldree. It's basically as if, after playing a D&D campaign for a year or two, he decided to write a coffeeshop AU about his character instead. It's low-stakes and cheery and they invent croissants, so what's not to love?

I like going to the park for morning weapons practice, but ow, my shoulders hurt now.

Also, it then turned out I didn't have a replacement bulb anyway, so I got to sweep up glass while holding a flashlight with the other hand.

All clean and new lightbulb in today, but oy, what a mess.

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Last night, the light bulb in the laundry went out, so I took it out to replace it. I then dropped it and it shattered.

It's very hard to clean up broken glass without any light.

My face is no longer numb from today's dental work, so now it just feels like someone punched me in the jaw yesterday.

Weekend update: my wife is feeling better, but on Christmas Day my younger son developed a cough and fever. He went into isolation with my wife and tested positive yesterday.

So far: COVID - 2, Healthy - 2, so it's a tie, but a scary one.

Oldest son and I are masking at home and trying to distance a bit (he's a teen so this is no trouble for him).

Stay safe and get your boosters, people.

And today my youngest son woke up with a fever and a sore throat. He's gone into covid isolation with my wife, my other son and I are wearing masks all day.

Hopefully this will be over soon?

My wife tested positive for covid the other day, so she is now isolating in our basement. Which means I am taking care of myself and both kids, and sending her meals and generally worrying.

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