Porting my #Pathfinder campaign to #DnD this week.

The newer players are excited because we're using digital sheets and it's making all the rules easier for them.

The old hands complained at first (as expected) but are now getting into the nuances of shifting a character between systems while maintaining their playstyle and spirit.

I love Pathfinder but this is going to simplify so many things for me and I feel the players will still get a really customised experience with their characters.

@vicorva Enjoy. We noticed a real streamline shift from D&D3.5 -> 5

@wyrddrgn Oh absolutely. I've played at a lot of 5e, just have only run Pathfinder so far.

I didn't like 4e at all as there wasn't enough variation between classes and races etc. (Although it has it's virtues, especially for inducting first time TTRPGers)

But 5e *feels* like 3.5e with more straightforward mechanics and less adding up.

@vicorva This is very much it. Bonus accountancy is much simpler.

And a lot of the blockers in 3.5, like non-magical HP recovery and cantrips, have become enablers in 5th.

@wyrddrgn HP recovery was a big sticker for me, as well as there just being very little in the way of spells per day. Official rules make it take days or even weeks to recover after a short encounter. The short and long rest rules in 5e are a huge relief.

And I'm a big fan of advantage and disadvantage as a mechanic. Players seem to grasp it more easily and I want gameplay to run as smoothly as possible.

@vicorva This is it. Less mechanics, more wanking jokes when the Ranger loses his right hand to a trap! (Not that this happened last session >.> and everyone, including Kim the Quiet lady in the corner DID NOT JOIN IN)

@wyrddrgn😅 I think for my party it's likely to be less mechanics, more exploring the city. They're very much a party of shoppers and animal tamers, and our bard tries to get to know EVERYONE, no matter how minor.


@vicorva @wyrddrgn Whenever my party gets to a new city, we start asking about the markets and such until the GM smiles and says, "Okay, time for the shopping montage!"

@katre @vicorva Priorities!

My warlock would generally be interested in what goods, particularly luxury ones, were for sale.

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